Food Storage: How to Keep Your Food Fresh

How to Freeze Boiled Seafood

Food storage is a big deal. If food isn’t stored properly, then you risk wasting food, and that can get expensive. But the #1 reason that people turn to me and to others with questions about food storage is because they don’t want to get sick. Food that is not properly stored can spoil, turn […]

Emeril’s Crawfish Bread for Jazz Fest

Crawfish Bread

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Kicks Off Tomorrow The 45th Annual New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival starts tomorrow and runs for two consecutive weekends. Jazz Fest is the preeminent spring fun-in-the-sun event, and it features a lot more than just music. The music is incredible, of course, with lots of variety. It’s […]

Crabs, Crawfish and Shrimp… Oh My!

Pat_s Seafood in Covington, LA

Louisiana Seafood: Tracking Time by the Seasons I grew up in south Louisiana – Baton Rouge, to be specific. One of the many blessings of growing up where I did was the abundance of fresh seafood. In south Louisiana water is everywhere. From the Gulf of Mexico to the Mississippi River to a plethora of […]

9 Classic Louisiana Shrimp Recipes… Plus 3 More!

Fresh Louisiana Shrimp

Louisiana Shrimp Are Now in Season… Are You Ready? You might be wondering exactly what I mean by “shrimp season.” After all, aren’t shrimp available year-round (at least all along the Gulf of Mexico)? True. Shrimp are available year-round because shrimp freeze so well. But we do, in fact, have shrimp seasons here in Louisiana, […]

Jazz Fest, Crawfish Boils, and Louisiana Kitchen & Culture Magazine

Soft-Shell Crab Po-Boys at Jazz Fest

Today’s topic is Jazz Fest, Crawfish Boils, food at the Zurich Classic, and Louisiana Kitchen & Culture Magazine! Our guests for this show are: Susan Ford, publisher of Louisiana Kitchen & Culture magazine , and Chris Jones, proprietor of French Market Crawfish & Seafood in Mandeville, LA. The recipe for today’s show is Drago’s Charbroiled Oysters. You can listen to the show here: Or […]