Guinness Beer-Braised Rabbit #SundaySupper

beer-braised rabbits

Marcelle Bienvenu is one of my favorite Louisiana chefs. She wrote one of my favorite cookbooks before being a chef was cool: Who’s Your Mama, Are You Catholic, And Can You Make a Roux? I love that cookbook… And the title! More recently, Marcelle collaborated with several chefs in putting together a delightful cookbook for […]

Warning: Always Use The Right Tools


Just the other day I put together this Resources page after I realized how much it takes to put together a foodie website like It’s not a love for food (or even faith!) that makes this site possible. Both are essential, of course, when it comes to content. However, without certain techie tools, […]

Chai Chipotle Chup Jalapeño Poppers

Chai Chipotle Chup Jalapeno Poppers

I love jalapeño poppers. I posted a recipe for grilled jalapeño poppers (using chorizo) back in July of 2009. Believe it or not, it is one of the most-viewed recipes on This is a variation of that recipe. Here we are using ground beef instead of chorizo. But, we are kicking that beef up […]

The Catholic Foodie’s Mardi Gras King Cake Recipe

King Cake

You know, every year during Mardi Gras season, not only do I make lots of king cakes, but I also talk about them a lot on the Catholic Foodie podcast. I tweet pictures of the kings cakes that I make, and I post those pictures on Facebook too. And every year folks contact me to […]

Shrimp Stock: The Catholic Foodie’s Recipe


I love me a good seafood gumbo, that is for sure. Especially now that it is getting somewhat cooler down here in New Orleans (at least for this week!). Fall is good gumbo weather. And one of the essential ingredients for a warm and delicious gumbo is a good stock. I make chicken stock from chicken bones almost weekly […]

CF121 – Hurricane Food


Show Notes for Episode 121 This is Jeff Young, the Catholic Foodie at and you are listening to episode 121 of the Catholic Foodie: Hurricane Food. Welcome, Folks, to the Catholic Foodie, Where food meets faith! I’m your host Jeff Young and today is August 30, 2011. Yesterday marked the sixth anniversary of Hurricane […]

CF103 – Soup is Good Food


SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE 103 This is Jeff Young, the Catholic Foodie, at, and you are listening to episode 103 of the Catholic Foodie: Soup is Good Food. Welcome, folks, to the Catholic Foodie, where food meets faith. I’m your host Jeff Young, and today we are talking soup. Mmm-mmm, Soup is good food! […]

CF86 – Chicken, Boudin, and Sushi… At the Beach!


Show notes for episode 86: SPECIAL THANKS TO DANE FALKNER & THE GREAT FOLKS OF THE DIVINE OFFICE IPHONE APP AT HTTP://DIVINE-OFFICE.COM. You can also find more about the Divine Office app by visiting This is Jeff Young, the Catholic Foodie at, and you are listening to episode 86 of the Catholic Foodie: Chicken, Boudin & Sushi… […]

Tangy with a Kick – The Catholic Foodie’s Bloody Mary Recipe

Bloody Mary

Here’s the Catholic Foodie’s Bloody Mary recipe. Tangy with a kick! Ingredients 2 ounces vodka (make sure it’s a good one – like Absolut, Stoli, or Ketel One) 4 ounces tomato juice – I use Campbell’s 1/2 teaspoon grated horseradish – I try to get the highest quality in a jar 3 dashes of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce 3 dashes of Tabasco […]

The Catholic Foodie and Jambalaya = Good Eats!


Mmmmmm… Jambalaya. Oh, I can smell it now! I can’t tell you how many parties, family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, weekdays, weekends, lunches, dinners (and sometimes breakfasts) have included jambalaya. I think I have eaten jambalaya just about every where one can eat it. And everybody has their own variation on it. Some add one […]

The Catholic Foodie Newsletter

Sign up for the NEW Catholic Foodie monthly newsletter! The first issue will go out in the middle of September. I have some incredible contributors lined up.  (More details to follow soon!) Featured recipes Featured drink of the month Reflections on food & faith Reviews of kitchen gadgets Cookbook reviews Updates on the Catholic Foodie cookbook project Answers to questions from YOU! Weekly “Before Meal” prayers And much, much more! […]