Food Meets Faith in the Holy Land

Food Meets Faith in the Holy Land

Join The Catholic Foodie for a Food & Faith Pilgrimage to the Holy Land Join me and Fr. Michael Werkhoven for a unique pilgrimage experience that combines food and faith in the Holy Land… the land where Jesus walked, talked, ate and drank with his companions over 2000 years ago. The dates for the pilgrimage are February 5-15, […]

Easter Crawfish and The French Quarter Festival

Easter Crawfish

Today we’re talking Easter crawfish and the French Quarter Fest. Easter Crawfish? What exactly do I mean by “Easter Crawfish?” Well, crawfish season and Easter coincide each year since the high point of crawfish season spans the months of March, April and May. And, by the way, Easter is not over. Nope, not at all! […]

Black Friday Recommendations

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It’s here again. Black Friday. Oh, and the holiday season too. To be honest, I’m not really a fan of Black Friday. Don’t get me wrong. I love to save money. And you can definitely save some money on Black Friday (but you have to spend some first!). And I love getting good recommendations on […]

Mary In The Kitchen: Thanksgiving 2011

Mary at the Nativity

Non-foodies everywhere are quaking in their boots, and while the audience in the kitchen today might be made up primarily of those who savor the challenge ahead with a string of major holidays, let me be the one to call for some sanity. In my world, hosting a major family gathering usually guarantees that my […]

CF120 – What Would Jesus Eat?


SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE 120 This is Jeff Young, the Catholic Foodie at and you are listening to episode 120 of the Catholic Foodie: What Would Jesus Eat? Welcome, Folks, to the Catholic Foodie, Where food meets faith! I’m your host Jeff Young and today we are going to ask the question: What would […]