Cajun Chicken Alfredo #Recipe

Cajun Chicken Alfredo Recipe

Cajun Chicken Alfredo I threw this recipe together just the other evening. We wanted something quick and delicious, and we only had a few ingredients on hand. We were still recuperating from our awesome trip to Boston for the Catholic New Media Conference, and I had not had the chance to restock my kitchen. I […]

The Alligator and the Archbishop: A Lenten Tail?

The Alligator and the Archbishop

Did You Hear the One About the Alligator and the Archbishop? It all started on Ash Wednesday. Someone over at Insta-Gator Ranch & Hatchery posted a picture of a 3 year old letter on the Insta-Gator Facebook page. The letter just happened to be from the Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans. And […]

Gluten-Free Round Steak Grillades


I grew up eating round steak at least once a week. My dad used to buy the whole round steak and cut it up into small cutlets. Then he would dredge the cutlets in flour seasoned with salt and black pepper, fry them up in a pan, and then deglaze the pan and make a […]

Shrimp Masala: A Delicious Experiment in Cajun-Indian Fusion

Shrimp Masala: A Delicious Experiment in Cajun-Indian Fusion

OK. I’m gonna say it… This dish is INSANE. So insane that I made it two weeks in a row. I just couldn’t help myself. Masala is a combination of dry and roasted spices, typical in Indian and Pakistani cuisines, and they are used to add spice and flavor. I call this a Cajun-Indian fusion […]

How to Make Shrimp Étouffée

How To Make Shrimp Etouffee

Shrimp Étouffée: Quick, easy, and oh so delicious! Étouffée means “smothered.” “Smothered in what?” you may ask. Well, typically, smothered in onions, bell peppers and celery. But I’m not too keen on celery, so I tend to leave it out… even though those three do form the “holy trinity” of south Louisiana cooking. I propose […]

Easter Crawfish Coming Soon to!

Easter Crawfish Coming Soon To The Catholic Foodie

Easter Crawfish? What exactly do I mean by “Easter Crawfish?” Well, crawfish season and Easter coincide each year since the high point of crawfish season spans the months of March, April and May. And, by the way, Easter is not over. Nope, not at all! We are now in the Easter Season… Looking forward to […]

The Catholic Foodie on Catholic Weekend: A Little Food For Thought

The Catholic Foodie on Catholic Weekend

Since I am still recuperating from bronchitis, I decided to hijack an episode of SQPN’s Catholic Weekend (with permission, of course). I had the joy of joining the Catholic Weekend crew two weeks ago, and we talked about food, faith, Mardi Gras, King Cake, oysters, and more! Join us in the fun! I’ll be back […]

The Catholic Foodie’s Best Seafood Gumbo – #SundaySupper

ACME Oyster Seafood Gumbo

About this time last year I posted my recipe for Seafood Gumbo. Now, I love gumbo. And I make it quite often. Usually the chicken and andouille variety. Sometimes turkey and andouille. But, seafood gumbo is special. And expensive. So, I usually only make seafood gumbo two or three times a year. I made a […]

CF128 – Louisiana Oysters

Christopher loves oysters

This is Jeff Young, the Catholic Foodie at and you are listening to episode 128 of the Catholic Foodie: Louisiana Oysters. Welcome, Folks, to the Catholic Foodie, where food meets faith! I’m your host Jeff Young and today we are going to talk about oysters. You may love ‘em, you may hate ‘em, but […]

Crawfish Etouffee

Crawfish Etouffee

On episode 122 of the Catholic Foodie, I shared a recipe for Crawfish Etouffee. Our recipe is a variation of the one found in our favorite cookbook: Emeril Lagasse’s Louisiana Real & Rustic. I talked about this dish on the show, but I think it also deserves a post all its own. Please note: There are […]

CF112 – Po-boys & Penance


History of the po-boy, Catholic Foodie’s Top 5 Types of Po-Boys & the Top 5 Po-Boy Establishments between New Orleans & Baton Rouge. Shout-outs to Dianna Kennedy (, Craig Poirier, Lisa Hendey, and Fr. Seraphim Beshoner, TOR.Sarah Reinhard joins us too! Links mentioned in the show: Dianna Kennedy’s The Kennedy Adventures (and the Saints & Scripture Sundays) History of the Po-boy and Catholic Moments Podcast […]