No Meat! Meatless Fridays Throughout the Year | The Catholic Foodie Show


Hot on the heels of my interview on Catholicism Live! last night we tackle the questions of gluttony, fasting and abstaining from meat on Fridays throughout the year on today’s show. I also supply you with resources for your life of faith and your kitchen counter. Listen in! LISTEN TO THE SHOW Click the play […]

Funky Food Combinations | The Catholic Foodie Show

Funky Foods

What’s your favorite “funky food?” You know, weird food combinations… Bananas and peanut butter, or as a friend of mine shared… anchovy paste on grapefruit! Got a funky food combination that you like? We’re talking all about it today on The Catholic Foodie Show! Listen in below! LISTEN TO THE SHOW Click the play button […]

Culinary Inspiration with Emeril Lagasse: Louisiana Real & Rustic | The Catholic Foodie Show

Louisiana Real and Rustic

Emeril Lagasse is one of my earliest culinary inspirations. Today we talk about one of Emeril’s earliest cookbooks, written with Marcelle Bienvenu: Louisiana Real & Rustic. In addition to Emeril, I share a bit about Marcelle Bienvenu and a couple of other early culinary inspirations: Justin Wilson and the Cajun Chowhound. Check out this classic […]