Around the Table with Kris Camealy of

Last Friday Kris Camealy joined us around the table to talk about a new online food & faith initiative called Grace Table. At the outset, I must give a grateful hat-tip to my friend Colleen Mitchell of for pointing out to me the launch of Grace Table. As a result of Colleen’s heads-up, I was able […]

Around the Table with Tommy Waller and The Oyster Bed

The Oyster Bed

A couple of weeks ago, Tommy Waller joined us around the table to talk about oysters and a new product he and his brother Adam created called The Oyster Bed. Oysters are a treasured seafood delicacy here in south Louisiana, and they are featured in many family holiday dishes. Some families prefer to eat them […]

Around the Table with Chef Keith Frentz of LOLA Restaurant

Chef Keith Frentz of LOLA Restaurant

Chef Keith Frentz of LOLA Restaurant in Covington joined us around the table a couple of weeks ago to talk about LOLA Restaurant and about the recent “take over” of Birmingham, Alabama restaurants by Louisiana chefs. The “take over” was for an event organized by Louisiana Cookin’ magazine. Chef Keith gives us a peek behind the scenes […]

Around the Table with Joe Roszkowski of the Original Oyster House

Original Oyster House homepage small

Joe Roszkowski of the Original Oyster House in Mobile and Gulf Shores is making waves… in a good way. A catholic business owner and family man, Roszkowski’s family-owned and family-friendly restaurant is not shy in demonstrating the importance of faith and family. Listen below to our interview with Joe Roszkowski and learn how he shares his faith […]

Around the Table with Fr. Kyle Sanders

fr kyle sanders small

Fr. Kyle Sanders joins us around the table for very spooky* Halloween edition of Around the Table. [*Not really very spooky!] Fr. Kyle Sanders has been active in blogging since 2007 over at where he co-writes about seeing God in the mundane. He’s appeared as a guest on several other blogs and podcasts and is […]